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Vodafone slashes roaming fees for Euro jet-setters

If you're going to use the mobile Internet on your travels around Europe, you might consider switching to Vodafone, as it's offering much better deals than its competitors.

We know you Crave readers are a metropolitan bunch of jet-setting hommes and signoritas, bopping off to Frankfurt or Lisbon like most people get the bus to Asda. As such, you're bound to be interested in Vodafone's excellent new European roaming deals -- just £2 for 25MB of mobile data, or £10 for 25MB every day. That's still highway robbery, but compared to other roaming deals it's a gold-plated bargain.

If you're on a contract, you need to sign up to Vodafone Data Traveller by calling the network. You can sign up before travelling or while you're at your destination. If you're on pay as you go, you should be on Data Traveller automatically.

If you haven't signed up for Data Traveller, you'll pay £1 per MB up to 5MB and £5 for every 5MB after that. That 25MB of data usage would cost you £25, as opposed to £2.

That 25MB is enough for reading and replying to 250 emails, accessing Facebook 500 times, watching 25 minutes of YouTube or downloading 65 maps.

If you're on a contract of £40 or above, your existing 5MB of data allowance will increase to 25MB. Countries where you can use the 25MB allowance include France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain. Some European countries only have a 5MB allowance though -- check this data map for more details.

This deal is much better than other UK networks. O2, for example, will charge you £3 per MB, with £40 the most you can pay until you hit 50MB of usage. On 3 it's £1.25 per MB and T-Mobile will take £1.50 per MB. 25MB of usage would cost £31.50 and £37.50 respectively.

Orange has a few decent roaming deals available. Nevertheless, if you want to use 25MB of Internet on one particular day, the best deal it has would cost £8.50 -- still £6.50 more than Vodafone.