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Vodafone slashes roaming charges in eight countries

Vodafone customers can take their calls, texts and data with them to countries including the USA and Australia for £5 a day.


If you're on Vodafone you can now pack your calls, texts and data when you go on holiday. As the EU moves to banish roaming charges, the UK-based network has expanded its international deals to countries outside Europe including the USA and Australia.

Customers with a Vodafone contract can take their minutes, texts and data with them on holiday, both in Europe and further afield. For an extra £5 a day, the Vodafone WorldTraveller deal lets you use your allowance in the USA, India, Australia, New Zealand, Egypt, Ghana, Qatar and South Africa.

Receiving calls and texts is also free. The deal is available to pay monthly customers, including certain business price plans, but not to pay-as-you-go customers.

When popping over to the continent, the existing Vodafone EuroTraveller deal costs £2 a day. You can even enjoy 4G roaming in Italy, Spain and Portugal.

This month, the EU slashed roaming charges, with data costs halved. As part of a drive to connect Europe's telecoms systems under one standard, European legislators led by digital champion Neelie Kroes want to banish roaming charges altogether by 2015.

The first UK network to ditch roaming charges around the world was Three. Three's Feel at Home deal lets you take your calls, texts and data to any of 16 countries at no extra cost.