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Vodafone adds free Now TV to its 4G rewards roster

New or upgrading customers will get Now TV's Entertainment pass thrown into the mix, and three months of Sky Movies access if you sign up before Christmas.


Vodafone has added another online service to its stable of 4G sign-up rewards -- Sky's Now TV on-demand service.

Locking yourself into certain Vodafone 4G contracts will get you access to a Now TV Entertainment Pass, which usually costs £7 per month and opens the door to channels including Sky Atlantic, Fox, Disney Channel, Comedy Central and MTV, as well as on-demand box sets of programmes including "Modern Family" and "An Idiot Abroad".

4G has finally arrived in the UK, and now that every major network is offering this faster data technology, each operator is trying to persuade phone owners to sign-up. Vodafone's tactic to date has been to throw in extra services as freebies, including Spotify and Netflix.

Deciphering how much free Now TV you get is a tricky business, depending on what kind of tariff you go in for and how much you're paying. Your best bet is to check out Vodafone's website, which is crammed full of tables to help you figure out how many months of free Now TV you could snap up.

An extra perk sees new or upgrading Vodafone customers who sign up before Christmas getting three months' worth of Sky Movies, which normally costs £10 per month. Happily Vodafone tells me that this offer doesn't hinge on you choosing the Entertainment pass, so if you want to choose one of Vodafone's other 4G upgrade rewards (Spotify Premium, Netflix and Sky Sports), you'll still get the three months of movies providing you sign up in time.

Take care however, as you'll be charged the standard rate for Sky Movies once your three months expire. Vodafone also isn't chucking in the Sky Now TV set-top box, which is a shame as this only costs £10, and streaming TV or movies from your mobile could quickly chew through your data allowance.