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Vodafone 533 Crystal in Swarovski tackfest

Vodafone has cosied up to crystal-punting gadget-botherers Swarovski for the Vodafone 533 Crystal

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Vodafone has entered the Crystal Maze with the 533 Crystal phone. It's a pretty standard pay as you go handset, apart from the fact that it's bedecked with 126 Swarovski crystals. At least it's not pink.

The 533 packs a 1.3-megapixel camera with 4x zoom, FM radio and Bluetooth. You know a phone is light on features when the specs page lists as a feature that it's black.

The Vodafone 533 Crystal is out now and will set you back £90. This nets you a PAYG Vodafone Freedom Pack with 100 minutes and 300 texts, worth £50.

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