Vodafone 4G launches this month, 3 months unlimited data

Vodafone's 4G network will offer unlimited data when it launches on 29 August, along with free Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile.

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Vodafone 4G will offer unlimited data when it launches on 29 August, the big red network has has announced, but it'll only be available in London at first.

Vodafone Red 4G-ready plans will offer unlimited data for three months, with unlimited calls and texts also thrown in. You can sign up to a 4G plan from 12 August, before the LTE service goes live in London at the end of this month.

12 more cities around the country will follow before the end of the year.

Year-long SIM-only deals start at £26 for 2GB of data, or £36 for 8GB. Here are the tariffs without a phone included, for which you need to buy a 4G phone separately:

If you want a phone included in your deal, the prices get more complicated. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will be one of the LTE phones on offer for free.

Deals come with unlimited calls and texts and free access to Spotify or Sky Sports, which makes this sound like a decent deal. On the cheapest offer, they're only free for the first six months, after which you have to pay £10 for Spotify Premium and £5 for Sky Sports.

Vodafone is offering the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 8-inch tablet for £31 per month with 4GB of data, or £36 for 10GB. Or you can bag a waterproof Sony Xperia Tablet Z for £37 with 4GB of data or £42 with 10GB.

Vodafone's 4G service launches the day after O2's 4G network. That means by the end of the month we'll have much more choice of extra-fast Internet, as the major networks finally get into the 4G game currently monopolised by EE.

"Vodafone has added some fuel to the 4G fire with its new plans," says industry expert Ernest Doku of uSwitch. "As competition finally looks set to heat up, Vodafone has thrown down the gauntlet with deals that offer not only faster data speeds, but more mobile data and -- most importantly -- a great selection of extra benefits to really make the most of it."

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