Vivo partners Energous for wireless over-the-air charging

The partnership will see the Chinese phone maker integrating the tech that would allow phones to be charged without needing to be on a charging pad.

Aloysius Low Senior Editor
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Aloysius Low

Vivo's upcoming phones could likely feature over-the-air wireless charging.

Aloysius Low/CNET

Phones from Chinese phone maker Vivo will soon have a pretty cool feature.

Powered by Energous' WattUp wireless charging tech, Vivo phones could soon tap onto radio frequency to recharge their batteries, and there's no need to place them on a charging mat to do so, as WattUp is able to do over-the-air charging. 

While there's no word on when you'll be able to see a Vivo phone with this feature, but in the fast moving competitive world of the Chinese phone market, it's likely Vivo will quickly release a phone featuring this tech to get a leg up over its other rivals.

In other news, Energous also announced a new fast charging solution that delivers up to 20 watts of power. Energous says it's even possible to go higher. As the system doesn't use coils, the company claims it's easier to manufacture and integrate its solution into multiple devices. 

"With the addition of our fast charging 20-watt solution, we are providing our customers with a full spectrum portfolio of products that include contact-based and distance charging, as well as low power and high-power options," Energous President Stephen R. Rizzone said in a press statement.

The Energous WattUp solutions will be on display at Mobile World Congress 2019 in Barcelona.