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WTF is VR, and why should you care? (podcast)

Scott Stein and Sean Hollister took a break from the VR goggles for a few minutes to sit down and separate the hype from the (virtual) reality.

Nate Ralph/CNET

A podcast about virtual reality. Does that even make sense?

We're about to find out. Welcome to our experiment -- a podcast from CNET's resident virtual-reality experts Scott Stein and Sean Hollister.

One of the weirdest things about virtual reality is describing the experience. It's a challenge in print, it's tough with video and photos and screenshots don't really do it justice. Which is why we thought that audio might be the best way to go: You can hear the emotions in our voices as we try to vividly describe our experiences.

WTF is VR? And why should you care?

Audio also approximates the displacement of VR, too. We live on different coasts -- Scott in New York, and Sean in San Francisco -- so a real-world meetup wasn't practical. A virtual gathering via a coast-to-coast audio session was just the ticket.

To be clear, you're listening to a pilot -- an "episode zero." It's not clear there will be an Episode 2 or even a proper Episode 1 yet. We don't even know if the "Virtually There" name will stick.

In the meantime: Take a listen, and let us know what you think.

Editors' note: This pilot episode was recorded weeks ago, before Sony revealed the price for the PlayStation VR, and well ahead of the March 28 Oculus Rift launch.