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Virgin offers 2GB bonus data per month for streaming Presto

While ISPs are offering more and more streaming deals for home broadband, there's less on offer when you're out and about. But now, Virgin Mobile is offering a bonus 2GB per month for streaming Presto on your smartphone.

Virgin Mobile is spruiking its new Presto deal with an ad campaign feature "Entourage" star Kevin Dillon.
Virgin Mobile

Virgin Mobile has announced a data bonus for customers keen to stream content direct to their mobile, offering an extra 2GB per month thanks to a new partnership with Presto.

From today, customers on selected Virgin plans will be able to sign up for Presto and take advantage of an extra 2GB per month for every consecutive month that they stream Presto content to their mobile, for up to 6 months. Virgin is also throwing in a free one-month subscription for Presto (though you'll need to cover the cost for the remaining months).

While partnerships between streaming providers and telcos are commonplace for home broadband customers, these kinds of deals are relatively new to the mobile world. In October, Optus announced a deal to bring unmetered streaming of Cricket Australia content to mobile customers, but many mobile users still face the prospect of taking a significant bite out of their data allowance any time their stream content when they're out and about.

Virgin hasn't gone down the path of completely unmetered streaming, but the extra 2GB will go some way into absorbing some of that excess data usage. The deal also joins Virgin's existing data rollover offer, which allows customers to roll over unused data on postpaid plans from month to month.

The Presto offer is open from today until May 31, 2016, and is available to all new Virgin customers, as well as existing Postpaid mobile customers on the AU$60 and AU$80 plans and customers on the AU$40 SIM-only plan.

More details are available on the Virgin Mobile website.