Virgin Mobile announces LG Optimus V on Facebook

The LG Optimus V is the latest Android phone announced for Virgin Mobile.

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Nicole Lee
LG Optimus V
LG Optimus V

Yes, Android fans, there is yet another LG Optimus phone, and this time it's for Virgin Mobile. Virgin Mobile recently announced via its Facebook page that it'll be releasing the LG Optimus V starting tomorrow.

If the phone seems like deja vu to you, that's because the LG Optimus V is essentially the same as the LG Optimus S for Sprint except for the physical button placement. Though we don't know the specs yet, we expect it'll be the same as the other Optimus phones: Android 2.2, Wi-Fi, GPS, 3G, and all the usual Android goodness, like Google apps and more. We also expect the pricing to be on the affordable side. Stay tuned tomorrow to find out.