Virgin Media finally launches 4G mobile contracts, with unlimited WhatsApp

Its 4G plans start from £6 per month, and using WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger doesn't come out of your data allowance.

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Andrew Lanxon
Virgin Media

Better late than never, Virgin Media has launched 4G mobile phone tariffs, just four years after 4G came to the UK.

They start at just £6 per month, which nets you 300 minutes and unlimited texts, but only 300MB of data. That's not a huge amount, but Virgin's plans don't include WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger data in your allowance. That means that any data used in sending texts, images and videos over those popular apps won't come out of your monthly data allowance.

If you only communicate over those services, you could in theory save a bundle by opting for a lower data tariff and take advantage of the free messaging.

There is an odd caveat though -- although WhatsApp and Messenger don't come out of your data, once you run out of data by, say, web browsing, you won't be able to use WhatsApp for "free" any more. Virgin Media says this is due to the EU's net neutrality regulations.

A more usable amount of data -- 4GB -- is on offer for a monthly price of £15.