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Virgin introduces Kyocera S2100 for PayLo

Virgin Mobile introduces the Kyocera S2100 basic phone for its PayLo prepaid service.

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Nicole Lee
Kyocera S2100 for Virgin Mobile PayLo
The Kyocera S2100 for Virgin Mobile PayLo Virgin Mobile

If you use your phone primarily for making calls, you might not need unlimited text and data services. If so, you might be the sort of customer who would buy Virgin Mobile's latest handset, the Kyocera S2100, recently launched under its cheaper PayLo prepaid service. The S2100 is as basic as it gets, with only a VGA camera and Bluetooth, though it does allow limited Web and e-mail functionality with Yahoo Mail, Gmail, AOL, and Windows Live mail access.

The Virgin Mobile PayLo plan lets you have 1,500 anytime minutes, 500 messages, and 10MB Web access for $30. You can also pay $20 for 400 minutes (expires in a month), or the basic rate of 20 cents per minute (expires in 90 days).