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Looks like Vine is coming back in the spring as Byte

Picture an endless loop of Byte's logo rising from Vine's ashes.


The new Vine.

Screenshot by Morgan Little/CNET

Vine is back -- sort of.

Dom Hofmann, co-founder of the six-second video platform, took to Twitter on Thursday to promote the launch of Byte, a "new looping video app" that is expected to debut in the Spring 2019.

Last year, Hofmann floated the idea of bringing back Vine after the platform was killed off by Twitter as part of its restructuring. Vine transitioned to the Vine Camera app in January, which uploads the looping videos directly to Twitter instead of to Vine.  

One Twitter user asked Hofmann if Byte was "V2," referencing Hofmann's plans to resurrect Vine, to which he responded, "yes."

Byte is on Twitter and Instagram as @byte_app, and has a website.

Hofmann didn't immediately respond to a request for comment.