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Vimeo launches 'reimagined' free iPhone app

The video-sharing company says users will find that the application is easier to use than the previous version.

Vimeo's "reimagined" iPhone app.
Vimeo's "reimagined" iPhone app Vimeo

Video-sharing service Vimeo has launched a new iPhone application that has been built from the ground up.

The company's redesigned application, which hit the Apple App Store today, allows users to both create and share videos all from within the app. In addition, users will now find easier access to their video queue and simpler navigation. " In a company blog post, Joseph Schmitt, lead developer at Vimeo, touted the "reimagined iPhone app" as "awesomer, sleeker, more beautiful, way awesomer, and also much more awesomer than ever before."

It appears that Vimeo's focus with its new app was ease of use. The company's previous application was criticized by some who said that it tried to deliver too many of its online features to mobile users who wanted little more than the essentials.

Still, Vimeo has been able to bundle a host of its more popular features into the application, including liking and commenting. And while videos are uploading, the app allows users to watch clips shared by others. Sharing is also central to the new app, and includes Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and iMessage integration to send videos to friends.

But not everyone is so pleased with Vimeo. The company's last iPhone app version came with a video editor. This latest version nixes that functionality. In the comments section of the Vimeo app announcement, reactions were mixed to the loss of a video editor, with one person lamenting losing "so much functionality without being warned." Another person, however, said that the loss of video editing isn't such a big deal, since with "serious editing you will use an appropriate app anyway."

Conspicuously missing from Vimeo's announcement is any mention of an update to its iPad application. In the App Store, however, the company reassured iPad users, telling them that their "update is in the works." Vimeo didn't say when that update might be made available.

Here's a video of the new Vimeo iPhone app: