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Video: Sonim XP2 Spirit rugged phone takes a hammering, breaks

Sonim claims the XP2 Spirit can withstand all manner of physical abuse, so our colleagues at ZDNet UK decided to bring it

Sonim, self-styled maker of the world's toughest phones, busted out the XP2 Spirit, its first 3G model, at Mobile World Congress.

Among other claims, Sonim says the XP2 can be submerged in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes, survive a 2m drop on to concrete, and work in temperatures ranging from -20C to 55C. Those are exactly the same claims we've been making about our intrepid ZDNet UK colleague David Meyer for years, so who could be more suited to attempting to bust up the XP2 good and proper?

Click this link to see David subject Sonim's chief executive to rigorous interrogation with a nail and a block of wood, before successfully smashing the XP2's keyboard. If you're in a rush, the good times start at 3:38. 

To be fair to Sonim, the company doesn't claim the XP2 is Dave-proof indestructible, and it does offer an unconditional three-year guarantee. If you break your phone during that period, Sonim says it'll give you a new one. 

If your appetite for destruction is unsated, click this link to see Sonim's JCB-branded phone crushed by a military truck at Mobile World Congress 2008 (skip to 5:17 if you're impatient). Also note that a representative of the BBC managed to break a Sonim phone at CES earlier this year. Time to toughen up, you wusses.