VHA to launch Legend on $49 plan

VHA will offer the HTC Legend on both its Vodafone and 3 brands starting in June, with pricing starting at AU$49 per month.

Joseph Hanlon Special to CNET News
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Joseph Hanlon

HTC and VHA joined forces yesterday to launch the HTC Legend smartphone in Australia, with VHA announcing it will offer the phone on a $0 upfront AU$49 cap plan.

HTC Legend
(Credit: HTC)

Further pricing details were scarce at the handset launch, but VHA reps confirmed that the Android-powered phone would also be available outright for AU$599, and that customers could choose to buy the phone on an AU$29 per month plan, but will incur an extra handset cost at that price.

There were also suggestions that VHA will be offering amended data bolt-on with its current caps starting in June, including a 1GB option for AU$9.95 per month.

The Legend will be available to Vodafone customers from 3 June, with 3 Mobile to follow shortly after.