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VHA drives customers to Vodafone with iPhone plans

VHA has released details of its iPhone 4 pricing, revealing a strong bias towards the Vodafone arm of its business.

(Credit: Apple)

Vodafone Hutchison Australia (VHA) has released details of its iPhone 4 pricing, revealing a strong bias towards the Vodafone arm of its business.

The new iPhone 4 will be available on both the Vodafone and 3 Mobile networks, but VHA will coerce customers to Vodafone with more competitive pricing. Customers who look to buy an iPhone on an AU$49 cap will receive AU$100 more in calls and messaging value, free calls to anyone with a 3 or Vodafone phone number and an extra 250MB of data to use each month, compared with customers paying the same monthly tariff on the 3 network.

Vodafone customers will also be able to choose an unlimited calls and messaging plan for AU$99 per month, with 2GB of data included. This is an option also open to customers on the rival Optus network, but not available to those who choose to use 3 Mobile.

VHA will also include a bonus 1GB of data on both networks for all new iPhone customers for the life of their contract, making the largest data bundle 3GB on the AU$99 cap.

3 Mobile iPhone 4 plans

Monthly spend AU$39 AU$49 AU$79
Cap value AU$150 AU$350 AU$650
Data 650MB 1.25GB 2GB
16GB model AU$10 AU$5 AU$0
32GB model AU$14 AU$10 AU$0

Vodafone iPhone 4 plans

Monthly spend AU$29 AU$49 AU$69 AU$79 AU$99
Cap value AU$180 AU$450 AU$650 AU$800 Unlimited
Data 550MB 1.5GB 1.75GB 2GB 3GB
16GB model AU$18 AU$5 AU$0 AU$0 AU$0
32GB model AU$24 AU$10 AU$5 AU$0 AU$0

Update: Since its original press release, VHA has informed us that 3 Mobile customers can also choose an iPhone on any of their standard cap plans. These plans are identical to the Vodafone iPhone plans with the addition of a AU$119 per-month option with unlimited calls and messaging and a total of 5GB of data a month. This is definitely good news for 3 customers, but doesn't it make the tailored iPhone plans on 3 entirely redundant?