Verizon's Visible removes data speed caps, keeps $40 price

Verizon's prepaid network is getting a speed boost.

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Verizon Visible

Verizon's Visible, which is managed through an app, is removing its speed limits. 

CNET/Photo by John Falcone

Visible, Verizon's $40 prepaid network, is removing its data speed caps. 

After previously offering unlimited data on Verizon's 4G LTE network, the company announced Wednesday that it will be removing the speed limit that capped data to 5 Mbps. The restriction has been removed for both current and new users, with pricing remaining at the same $40 per month with taxes and fees included and data remaining unlimited. 

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The company says that the offer is available for a "limited time." No end date, however, has been provided. The company says, "the 'limited time' window to receive this offering will be determined as we learn more about member needs." 

Visible says that if you're already on the network, you simply need to restart your device to get the full Verizon speeds. The update is available to both new and existing subscribers for "as long as you're with Visible." Hotspot speeds, however, will still be limited to 5 Mbps. 

In addition to the data updates Visible also announced that it will be adding Google's Pixel 3a line and Moto's G7 Power to its lineup in "the coming weeks," expanding its Android portfolio. 

The company offers nearly all recent iPhones (from the iPhone 6 through the latest XR, XS and XS Max) for sale, but so far has limited its Android selections to the Galaxy S9 , S9 Plus, Pixel 3 and 3 XL, and a ZTE-made Visible R2. 

Unlike AT&T's Cricket, T-Mobile's Metro or Sprint's Boost and Virgin Mobile, Verizon has largely kept its name and advertising away from Visible, which targets a younger, millennial demographic. 

There are no widespread, celebrity TV ad campaigns or physical Visible stores. Signing up and making payments are handled through an app (though a website option is available). Users can pay through PayPal and Venmo in addition to credit and debit cards, with the company offering referral bonuses to try to get people to bring their friends to the network. 

It remains to be seen if Verizon's play will be successful, though Visible teases that Wednesday's announcements are only the beginning of a "bigger program to come later this year."