Verizon Wireless promises fix for LTE outage

Verizon Wireless says it has identified the cause of an outage for its LTE 4G network. Details are slim, but the carrier says it is fixing the problem.

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Kent German
The LTE outage is affecting smartphones like the HTC Thunderbolt. Sarah Tew/CNET

Verizon Wireless says it has identified the cause of a nationwide outage that's affected its 4G LTE network for most of the day. In a statement originally released to Engadget, the carrier said, "We have determined the cause of our issue and are working with our major vendors to restore connections."

The statement went on to say that until problem is fixed, Verizon customers will be unable to activate any LTE handset. Subscribers with such a phone will be able to make calls, though they may experience 2.5G 1xRTT data speeds. According to CNET senior associate editor Nicole Lee, that's currently the case with our HTC Thunderbolt review model.

Verizon didn't offer any additional details at the time of this writing, except that it will restore the network on a market-by-market basis. The carrier first confirmed the outage early this morning via its Twitter account.