Verizon wants you to pitch 5G to local officials

The carrier even drafted the letter for you to sign.

Marrian Zhou Staff Reporter
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Marrian Zhou

Verizon sponsored a website called Let's 5G. 


Verizon really wants you to be excited about 5G.

The company is sponsoring a website called Let's 5G! for everything related to the next-generation wireless technology. Consumers can find information about 5G on the site as well as sign letters and petitions showing support for establishing 5G network in their neighborhoods, according to Verizon's release.

"I support the immediate rollout of 5G wireless service in our community because of the benefits it will deliver today and the breakthroughs it will enable tomorrow," reads a message under the section Speak Out Now on the site, which asks site visitors to sign and send to local elected officials.

As carriers race to roll out 5G networks, Verizon has come out with a few campaigns to engage consumers with its plans. The company in January said it'll offer $1 million in seed money to developers willing to work on new applications for 5G, dubbed Verizon's "5G Challenge."

5G promises faster internet speeds, better connection and broader coverage, which has made it a hot topic in recent years. To access a 5G network, you'll need a phone that can tap into it. Samsung in August said it's planning to release its first 5G phone in South Korea. Meanwhile, it's working with carriers  AT&T , Verizon and Sprint  to launch in the US by the end of the year.   LG , Lenovo , Huawei , OnePlus and ZTE are also working on offering their own 5G-enabled phones.