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Verizon wants to be your kid's first wireless carrier

It has a new plan designed especially for kids getting their first smartphone.

Verizon store in New York City
SOPA Images

Verizon says it has just the plan for parents mulling a first smartphone for their children.

The new Just Kids plan is designed to give parents "peace of mind" when taking the plunge. Angie Klein, vice president of marketing for Verizon, said the plan addresses a major pain point in deciding when that'll happen.

"Kids are wanting phones earlier and earlier," she said. "But parents are leery and want to make sure they're not exposed to things they aren't ready for. And that's where our plan comes in."

The plan, which limits data to 5G or 4G LTE service, also includes the company's suite of parental controls, called Verizon Smart Family Premium. Verizon usually charges $9.99 per month for the app that lets parents manage screen time and set limits on what kids can see via content filters, and that includes location tracking so parents can keep tabs on their kids' whereabouts.

The 5GB of data included in the plan is another way parents can limit how much their kids use the phones. And they don't have to worry about overage fees. Safety Mode, which slows down service when it reaches the 5GB limit, ensures that parents' aren't socked with any surprise fees at the end of the month.


The Just Kids plan is part of Verizon's mix-and-match data plans, which allow you to select different tiers within the same family plan. In order to get the plan, you need at least one device on an unlimited plan.

Prices for Just Kids range between $35 and $55, depending on the number of unlimited lines signed up to the account. The service will be available starting April 4.

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