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Verizon to double data amounts for 4G smartphones (Updated!)

Carrier will launch a limited time promotion that doubles the amount of data for the same monthly fee for those who have 4G smartphones.

Verizon Wireless

To tie in with the carrier's impending Droid Razr launch on 11:11 a.m. on 11/11/11--aka Friday--Verizon Wireless will launch a promotion that doubles the amount of monthly data allotment for 4G smartphone owners.

Starting Tuesday, any customer who has a Verizon 4G smartphone will be eligible to get double the data for the same price. For example, someone who subscribes to the 2GB for $30 plan will receive 4GB instead. For $50 you can get 10GB instead of 5GB, and for $80 you can get 20GB instead of 10GB per month. Existing customers (those who have upgraded their service or purchased a 4G smartphone within the last 14 days) will have to request the change via customer service or through their My Verizon accounts, while new customers can request this when they sign up.

The doubling of data promotion is only for a limited time, so Verizon customers should get on this quickly. We're not sure if the monthly data allotment will return to normal once the promotion is over.

Verizon is also catering to those who want a smaller data plan. You can opt for a 300MB data plan for any phone for $20 a month. The doubling of data offer does not apply to this lower tiered plan.

UPDATE: We learned that the promotional rate will remain "as long as customers remain on those features" according to a leaked document on VZBuzz. Verizon spokesperson Brenda Raney has confirmed that consumers can keep the double data plan as long as they are on a 4G smartphone. The limited time promotion refers to the length of the promotional sale, not the length of the contract. We should also note that the doubling of data does not apply to the additional data you get with a Mobile Hotspot add-on.