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Arrr! Verizon nabs $30 Nokia Lumia Treasure Tag accessory

The small smartphone accessory-and-app combo lets you know when you've wandered too far from your belongings -- and then helps you find your lost loot.

You can buy the Treasure Tag on Verizon in yellow, black, and white. Nokia

A cure for Lost Wallet and Keys Disease popped up on Verizon on Monday, in the form of the Nokia Treasure Tag.

The matchbook-size accessory pairs physically with your keys, wallet, or other valuable and virtually, through Bluetooth low-energy, with your Nokia Lumia smartphone. If your tagged valuable strays too far, the device lets you know with a blare. You can either follow the distress signal, or track it on an app for your Windows phone.

Each Lumia pairs with a maximum of four Treasure Tags, but Nokia (now being folded into Microsoft) says that the software works most accurately with the Nokia Black software version. The management app gives you some say over muting and deactivating alerts, say if you intentionally leave your gear at home.

The Treasure Tag operates within a range of about 130 feet, and has a promised battery life of up to six months. You can buy it from Verizon for $30 in white, black, and yellow (which was currently out of stock at the time of writing). Globally, it's also available in Nokia's signature cyan hue. We'll test it out in the real world just as soon as we can.