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Verizon rewards auto-paying prepaid customers with free data

The limited-time promotion sees the carrier offering up 1GB free monthly data for those who enroll in automatic billing.

Verizon announces a limited time promotion for prepaid customers. Verizon

Verizon has become the latest carrier to jump on the incentive bandwagon for its prepaid customers.

Effective immediately, anyone who enrolls in the automatic payment system will receive an additional 1GB of data per month, for free.

As part of the deal, customers on the $45 plan will now have 2GB of monthly data, and the $60 plan comes with 3.5GB per month. Existing subscribers already signed up for Auto Pay will receive the bonus data after the next payment.

On Friday, Big Red announced a limited-time promotion that blesses Auto Pay customers with an extra allotment of free monthly data.

Verizon didn't say when the offer will end, stating that it has "no time frame or end date to share for now."

This marks the second time this year that Verizon has moved the needle forward for its prepaid customer base. In January, the carrier doubled down on the $45 rate plan, going from 500MB monthly data to 1GB.

Things seem to be getting better and better -- let's hope that more carrier competition continues to build incentives.