Verizon readies mobile tech for Democratic convention

Company is enhancing its network and providing extra backup measures in Denver in anticipation of the 50,000 people expected at the Democratic National Convention.

Stephanie Condon Staff writer, CBSNews.com
Stephanie Condon is a political reporter for CBSNews.com.
Stephanie Condon

Verizon Wireless is beefing up its infrastructure in Denver to prepare for the influx of as many as 50,000 people expected to enter the city later this month for the Democratic National Convention.

The company said on Wednesday that it has added three permanent cell sites to downtown Denver and also plans to install a mobile "cell-on-wheels." Upgrades at specific cell sites have doubled voice capacity in the city and increased data-handling capacity four-fold.

In-building coverage has also been enhanced with signal boosters and repeaters in a number of hotels, parking garages, and other convention sites. The extra capacity is anticipated to accommodate the 15,000 members of the media, as well as others, expected to attend the event that begins August 25.

Verizon will also be providing backup microwave facilities and a 24-hour emergency operations center during the convention.