Verizon may offer Google Play carrier billing

New details suggest the nation's largest wireless provider will soon enable carrier billing for Google Play purchases.

Is Verizon finally ready to let users add app purchases to monthly bill?
Droid Life

Verizon Wireless is set to become the next wireless provider to offer carrier billing for Google Play purchases, according to unconfirmed reports. An internal Verizon screenshot obtained by Droid Life shows that the feature will be enabled later this week, specifically on October 18.

It it follows through, Verizon would be the last major U.S. carrier to adopt the billing strategy for apps, games, and other content. With that in mind, it appears that Big Red is going to employ a somewhat different tactic from the other players.

As evidenced in the photo, Verizon will put a $25 cap on Google Play charges as a way of keeping monthly cellular bills in order; the spending limit will ensure mom and dad are not surprised by a slew of HD game purchases.

Given there are only a few days separating the expected launch date, we might look for Verizon to soon issue some form of announcement. A press release seems plausible, however I'd look for a post on the company blog.