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Verizon lets customers gift data to other users

A new feature from Verizon gives its subscribers the ability to send a gigabyte of data to friends and family.

Verizon customers can now buy data for other subscribers.

With the holiday shopping season set to formally commence, Verizon wants to help get you in the spirit of giving. The carrier today announced that subscribers can send one gigabyte of data to friends and family as a gift.

As the month of November sets in we find there is no shortage of limited-time promotions or discounts to be had. And, not only is it retailers and hardware makers who dangle discounts, but wireless providers often announce their own respective deals - all in the name of seasonal savings. Verizon's announcement isn't so much of a promo but a new way for subscribers to spend a little more money.

What good is one gigabyte of data, you ask? According to Verizon, the virtual good equates to roughly 3000 web pages, 13,000 emails, or 3 hours of streaming video.

The Verizon Messages application for Android devices is being updated starting today as a way to send said data. Once in place, the app will let users purchase one gigabyte of data for $10. In addition to the mobile app, Verizon subscribers can also purchase the data through the carrier's website. Regardless of which method is used, buyers can personalize the gift with a message before sending it off.

There is no indication as to how long this offer will be available and nothing in the announcement's language indicates this is for a limited time. Verizon did not immediately respond to a request for comment.