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Verizon punches up its prepaid plans

To keep pace with the increasingly competitive prepaid space, Verizon doles out more data per buck.

Verizon spruces up prepaid plans with more data.

For Verizon, it's time to get competitive on prepaid.

The carrier announced changes to its prepaid plans on Thursday in an effort to keep up with competing carrier offerings. The upshot: Verizon customers on these plans get more data for their money than they did before.

As customers seek better and lower-priced rate plans, prepaid service providers are becoming increasingly more attractive. Companies are routinely adding more data and features in hopes of retaining current subscribers or luring new ones.

Effective immediately, Verizon's data allotment for its $45 and $60 monthly plans to 2GB and 5GB of high-speed data, respectively. Both plans include unlimited talk and text in the US with unlimited texting to Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico.

As an incentive, Verizon will give customers 1 extra GB of data each month for signing up for automatic payments.

Subscribers who want more data on these prepaid plans can also add on to their plans:

  • $5 for 500 MB (to use over 30 days)
  • $10 for 1GB (to use over 90 days)
  • $20 for 3GB (to use over 90 days)