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Verizon dials up new color options for Droid Turbo

The Motorola smartphone will be available in new accent colors for a limited time.

Verizon's Droid Turbo gets three new, metallic color options. James Martin/CNET

Verizon is going back to the Droid Turbo well at least one more time. Today sees the carrier announcing a trio of limited edition metallic options for the Motorola smartphone.

Starting May 28 customers can purchase the Android handset in gray ballistic nylon with a choice of accent colors. The threesome will be available in metallic blue accents, metallic orange accents, and metallic violet accents.

This marks the second time Verizon has refreshed the phone with additional color options. A sapphire blue ballistic nylon variant was announced in March. Already quite powerful and attractive on the hardware front, perhaps the new accents can jumpstart sales.

The limited edition Droid Turbo will be sold in stores and online with a full retail price of $499.99. When paired with a Verizon Edge plan the cost shakes out to $20.83 per month for 24 months.

Motorola refreshes the Droid Turbo with new accent colors. Verizon

Customers looking to save on the Droid Turbo can take advantage of a separate limited-time deal. Verizon is offering a credit of $150 or more to anyone who recycles their old working smartphone and purchases the Motorola handset. Additionally, the carrier will give a $100 bill credit for porting a phone number and signing up with a Verizon Edge plan.