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Verizon delays the launch of the Galaxy Nexus

Just days before its anticipated launch, the carrier pushes back the launch date. It didn't provide a date for when the phone will launch.

Samsung's Galaxy Nexus
Samsung's Galaxy Nexus

Verizon Wireless customers looking to snap up the Samsung Galaxy Nexus this Friday will have to be a little more patient.

The carrier has been cagey about the launch date for the smartphone, which is the first to run on the new Ice Cream Sandwich version of Android, but an informal survey of Verizon stores found that many had expected to start selling the phone on Friday. Now they are hearing that the release of the Galaxy Nexus will be delayed.

Verizon declined to comment on the potential launch time.

"We haven't officially announced a launch date for the Galaxy Nexus," a Verizon Wireless representative said.

Leaked Verizon sales documents had previously listed the official launch date as Friday, December 9.

When the Galaxy Nexus does come out, it is expected to sell for $299.99 with a two-year contract.

Anticipation for the phone is high because it marks the U.S. debut of Ice Cream Sandwich, a version of Android that has been designed to combine the tablet and smartphone platforms. The phone is already selling in the United Kingdom, though it's a slightly different version than the one coming to the United States. Verizon's version will be able to tap into its faster 4G LTE network.

Verizon already faces some criticism for keeping the Google Wallet mobile-payment capability off of the Galaxy Nexus. Verizon denied blocking the application and said it is still in talks with Google about technical integration.