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Verizon 5G Home Internet now available in Detroit

It's just the sixth city to get the next-gen high-speed broadband service since its rollout started in October 2018.

Angela Lang/CNET

Detroit metro residents will now have another high-speed option for internet access. Verizon announced Wednesday that the city now has access to its 5G Home Internet service, which allows users to access speeds up to 1 gigabit per second for $50 per month for Verizon Wireless customers and $70 for everyone else. Detroit is only the sixth city to get availability since the service launched in October 2018 and Verizon expects to expand to 10 cities in total this year. 

Along with greater speeds, the 5G Home Internet service is available with no annual contract and has no hidden fees. Verizon says service can be set up by the customer, avoiding the visit from an installer normally required with new services. Customers will also receive access to a free month of YouTube TV, Disney Plus for one year and a three-month trial of Google's Stadia streaming game service.

Although Verizon markets the service as 5G, it currently uses non-industry-standard technology to achieve its faster internet speeds. The company plans to expand to new markets once it switches to industry-standard 5G equipment. Early customers will get free upgrades to ensure they move up to the industry standard as well. 

Roger Cheng contributed to this story.