Vendor ships hardware-based iPhone 3G unlock

Vendor ships hardware-based iPhone 3G unlock

Ben Wilson

While a software-based unlock (allowing use on unauthorized carriers) for the iPhone 3G has yet to materialize, one recognized vendor says it plans to ship a hardware-based SIM unlock for the device on August 20th.

USB Fever, which offers a number of cases, cables and other accessories for various iPhone and iPod models, says it will ship a SIM unlock made of a very thin piece of FPC (0.10mm) with a mounted micro-controller that fits between an an operators SIM card and the phone's SIM socket.

A product description reads:

"Because of it's very thin and slim design it fits into almost all phone's on the market and can also be easily removed again. It's got Gold Immersion and makes perfect contact with the card and the socket at all times. Cutting of your Operator's SIM card is required but kept to a minimum.

"This SIM unlock is a revolutionary do-it-yourself Plug & Play card for unlocking iPhone 3G without the risk of damaging the iPhone 3G or voiding it's warranty. This SIM unlock is inserted into the iPhone 3G in parallel with your operator's SIM card and enables you to use your card on phones locked to another provider."

The SIM unlock will be priced at $35.