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Ustream for Android hits milestone, jumps to version 2.0

To celebrate hitting the 2.5 million downloads mark, Ustream today released a major update to its Android app, which, to the delight of many, offers an ad-free option.


Ustream for Android has officially been downloaded more than 2.5 million times, and to celebrate the major milestone, its developers have today released an updated version of the app with both new looks and new features. Most noticeably, version 2.0 brings with it a significantly improved interface sporting a darker theme that looks quite a bit sleeker than before. Also, it now supports device rotation to landscape mode, swiping navigation, and enhanced actionbar functionality. Korean language support is another addition, which makes sense in light of Ustream's partnership with Korea Telecom announced late last year.

The biggest news with 2.0, though, has to be the new ad-free experience via premium membership. By purchasing a premium membership -- either in-app using Google Wallet or on the Ustream Web site -- you can kill the banners whether you're watching video on your Android device, iOS, or on

Version 2.0's new Quick Broadcast widget Ustream

Finally, version 2.0 adds a nifty Quick Broadcast widget, which places a tiny record button on your Android Home screen. With the new widget, you can now start a live broadcast instantly with a single tap. Before your first broadcast, however, you will have to sign in and select your channel.

Ustream 2.0 for Android (download) is available now on both tablets and phones from the Google Play Store.