Using the Pre with an Ipod Speaker

About my experience listening to music from the Pre through my Logitech iPod speakers.

Catherine Gouge
2 min read
About my experience listening to music from the Pre through my portable Logitech iPod speaker.

As this test drive blogging winds down, I realize there are a number of highlights about my experience I probably won't have the time to cover. One of those I do want to share, however, relates to my love of Pandora and my enthusiasm for easy, inexpensive adjustments that allow me to adapt new tech purchases to things I already own.

Enter: the 3.5mm Stereo Plug/Plug M/M Cable (Cost: 80 cents).

This inexpensive little cable is the key to all sorts of adaptations that can allow you to enjoy Pandora, purchased music, podcasts (whatever) in the car, office, and at home. If you want to listen in the car (and charge at the same time with your micro usb cable), you can use your male-to-male 3.5 mm cable to connect to a Dynex DX-FMDC1 FM Transmitter USB Car Charger (Cost: $8.99, do NOT buy this at Best Buy unless you are feeling generous and want to make a corporate donation--they will charge you $50 for this transmitter). Or you can use it with an existing receiver or even an iPod speaker set in the office, at home, or wherever your little heart desires.

My most recent aha! moment with regard to this was when it occurred to me to try it with my portable Logitech mm50 at home. I had friends over for dinner and wanted to set-it-and-forget-it with Pandora so I wouldn't have to spend a lot of time dealing with (and adjusting) music all night. I just plugged my little, 80-cent 3.5 mm stereo male-to-male cable into the 3.5 mm speaker port of the Logitech on one end and the headphone jack of my Pre, and I was set. Of course, the remote that came with the speaker won't forward or pause what you are listening to, but it does work to adjust the volume, mute, and power of the speaker just as it would if I were listening to my iPod. Sweet!

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Happy listening!

NOTE: The Dynex DX-FMDC1 FM Transmitter USB Car Charger I purchased on Ebay (the one I link to above) came with both a non-retractable 3.5mm Stereo Plug/Plug M/M Cable and a micro usb cable for charging. Neither were listed in the Ebay listing (unless I missed it), so this was a pleasant surprise. If you want both, I suggest buying the Dynex DX-FMDC1 first to see if you don't get everything you need with that!