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Using iOS 8's QuickType keyboard

Apple is introducing a new stock keyboard for iOS users with the release of iOS 8.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

The first time you use the keyboard after updating to iOS 8, you're going to notice something a bit different. Sitting atop the keyboard will be three sections, each of which contains a word (or words). Tapping on the word will place it directly into the text field, followed by new words appearing in each section.

This new keyboard is called QuickType. For Android users, they new feature is bound to look familiar, as Android has had a similar keyboard for quite some time now.

QuickType tries to predict what you want to say, before you even start typing. For example, when you receive a message asking a question with two options (i.e., do you want to go to dinner at 5 or 6?), two of the options presented by QuickType will come directly from the message, in this case "5" and "6." The other option will be "Not sure" or a variation there of.

On the left, iOS 8's QuickType feature. On the right, QuickType minimized into the keyboard. Screenshot by Jason Cipriani/CNET

For those who find QuickType to be a nuisance or prefer to have the extra screen space, you can hide the QuickType bar by touching inside anywhere on the bar and sliding it down towards to keyboard. A small line will remain, with what amounts to a digital handle, should you decide you want to bring back the QuickType options.

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