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Use this iPhone hack to lower screen brightness and make your phone extra dark

Make your iPhone screen more comfortable to read at night with this little tip.

Do you ever wake up in the middle of the night and look at your iPhone ($899 at Amazon) screen, just to wish you could lower the brightness more than it already is? You might already use Night Shift mode, which gives screens more of an orange glow instead of a harsh blue filter that's known to keep people awake. But sometimes, that isn't enough. If you want to make your screen extra dark, there's a hack for that.

Here are several ways to turn down the brightness on your iPhone.

1. Enable Night Shift

Night Shift dims your screen light to a sepia color. You can turn it on through Settings or Control Center.

Method 1: Settings

Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Night Shift. From here, you can change the time you want it to activate and adjust the color temperature setting.


Turn Night Shift on to dim your phone screen.

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Method 2: Control Center

From your Control Center, press and hold on the Brightness control icon. Tap the Night Shift icon to turn it on and off.

2. Adjust your brightness settings

You can reduce the white point on your iPhone, which will adjust how intensely colors show up on your screen. Bright colors are especially illuminated at night time, so try this setting to dull them.

1. Go to Settings and select General.

2. Tap Accessibility.

3. Tap Display Accommodations.

4. Switch the Reduce White Point button on.

5. Slide the marker to adjust the darkness of your screen light settings.

3. Use the Zoom setting to darken your screen

The Zoom setting is another option to darken your screen, but it'll only stay dark if you have your screen zoomed in.

1. Go to settings and select General.

2. Tap Accessibility and select Zoom.

3. Switch the Zoom button on.

4. Scroll down and tap Zoom Region and change the setting to Full Screen Zoom.

5. Go back and tap Zoom Filter.

6. Tap Low Light and your screen will immediately dim.

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