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Use this incense trick to get rarer Pokemon in Pokemon Go

This incense trick can bag you more than just tedious Pidgeys with your power up.

Typically in Pokemon Go if you use the incense power up, you just end up with boring Pidgeys, Weedles and Rattatas flocking to you. While these common Pokemon have their uses, no doubt you wish something a little more exciting -- and rare -- would pop up when you're using your precious incense. There may be a way.

The theory

Rumors have circulated on Pokemon Go forum threads saying if you use an incense when you're in the middle of nowhere, rarer Pokemon will be attracted to you. The theory is, since there are no nearby Pokemon in rural areas, the servers will randomly select pocket monsters to pop up for that sweet, sweet incense. Sometimes these random Pokemon are just the ones you're looking for.

The test

Intrigued, I gave the theory a try. I went to a rural area where there were no PokeStops, no gyms and no nearby roads. All that showed up on my map was green grass. No Pokemon were listed on my Sightings tracker, either. The time was right: I used my incense and waited.


Sometimes being in the middle of nowhere can be helpful, at least when you're hunting Pokemon.

Screenshot by Alina Bradford/CNET

Now, for this to work you'll need to have a good mobile provider that gives you data service in secluded rural areas. Since even the best carriers have data dead zones, you may need to experiment to find a good spot before activating your incense.

The results

I did get several Rattatas and a Pidgey, like normal, but then I got a surprise. A weird, brain-like Tangela appeared, a Pokemon that I didn't yet have in my Pokedex. These are pretty rare where I live, so I considered this test a personal win.


A wild Tangela appears!

Screenshot by Alina Bradford/CNET

I repeated the test several more times, and it tends to always bring me a Pokemon that I don't have in my Pokedex. It works OK when you sit still, but it works better if you walk around while the incense is active.

IbexPvP also tried this trick and posted the results to YouTube: