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Use Apple Pay, meet famous people, says new ad

Mastercard advertises its association with Apple Pay, releasing a new ad to coincide with the World Series.

This is how it feels when you use Apple Pay and meet a star. Mastercard/YouTube screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

There's a certain pain for a San Francisco Giants fan in enduring a pitcher meltdown during a World Series game.

As SF fans shut their eyes last night in anguish, the action cut to an ad break that offered a little more. A new ad from Mastercard told us that if we use Apple Pay , we might get to meet heroes. The only problem was that in this case the hero was George Brett, a legend in Kansas City.

Apple Pay is being used at ballparks and, to create even more excitement, Mastercard is offering Priceless Surprises.

No, this doesn't mean your burger and fries will actually be hot and not made from interesting and unusual animal matter. It means that random Apple Payers will get free tickets and even get to meet famous people.

The ad featuring Brett coincided with the fact that the first two games of the World Series were played in Kansas City.

One imagines that, to keep the sort of peace that Giants pitcher Hunter Strickland failed to keep last night, there will be a similar ad featuring Barry Bonds (no, I'm not entirely serious, but I wish) that will run during San Francisco's home games that begin Friday.

Apple Pay is still in its drooling infancy.

However, the sheer laziness of western life will no doubt propel more and more people to believe they will save two or three seconds (and perhaps enjoy greater security) by waving their phone, rather than swiping a card.