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Use an iPhone 5S, Pebble smartwatch to track your activity

By installing this free app on your iPhone 5S and a Pebble smartwatch, you're able to monitor your daily step count.

Jason Cipriani/CNET

As you may recall, the iPhone 5S launched with the ability to track your activity thanks to its M7 coprocessor. The small chip is constantly counting your steps and movement, allowing developers to access and use that information.

With the Pebble smartwatch lacking a native pedometer, and third-party apps unable to run in the background, a developer decided to combine the iPhone 5S' activity tracking with a free Pebble app.

The end result is a combination of an iPhone and Pebble app called Movable. The iOS app, of course, will only display activity information when installed on an iPhone 5S. And the Pebble version of the watch connects to its iOS counterpart to display your current step count.

How often the step count is updated is up to you. You can select anywhere from every 5 minutes (rough on your battery) to once an hour.

The best part of the app is that your activity stats are constantly present, but the watch app still acts as a watchface, instead of only displaying your activity information. You can even leave the app on your watch and come back to it to see your current stats.

Download the Movable iPhone app from the App Store to get stared.