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US Cellular opens Samsung store-within-a-store

By the end of October, 57 of the carrier's regional retail stores will showcase Samsung devices.

Josh Miller

For Samsung, US Cellular's agreement to open a Samsung-focused "store-within-a-store" is, as they'd say in classic film "The Princess Bride," a dweam wiffin a dweam. On Thursday, the regional carrier announced its commitment to showcasing Samsung products, like its brand-new Galaxy Note 7 phone. US Cellular will launch these shopping silos in 57 of its company-owned stores by the end of October.

The first of the regional carrier's brick-and-mortar locations to participate, its Madison, Wisconsin, retail space carved out a 100 square-foot area for calling special attention to Samsung's connected devices.

While US Cellular is the smallest of the Big 5 networks -- which also include Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile -- this dedicated corral is tremendous for Samsung as it prepares its flagship phones to battle Apple's forthcoming iPhone 7 and the next batch of Google Nexus phones.

Populated by demo stations for Samsung's top devices, like its new Gear VR headset and Gear S2 smartwatch (soon to be replaced by the Gear S3), Samsung can only hope that this partnership does more good and lasts far longer than Humperdinck's botched mawidge to Buttercup.

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