Unlimited mobile Internet access: It's about time

T-Mobile is launching an unlimited Internet tariff in April that will finally provide Web access on the go at a low flat rate of £7.50. So can you finally stop worrying about extortionate charges for the mobile Web?

Andrew Lim
2 min read

As anyone who has tried to browse the Internet on their mobile phone will know, it can cost a fortune. At an average cost of around £1 per megabyte, you wouldn't want to visit any site that isn't mobile specific because you'll quickly blow through that 1MB limit -- and that's not the all-you-can-eat Web we know and love. On some networks you can't even choose which pages you want to view and you're limited to network-specific content -- like going to a cinema that only shows Steven Seagal movies. You could, but why would you?

Step foward T-Mobile. It has a new tariff and for only £7.50 a month -- the price of a dodgy chicken korma -- you get unlimited Internet access. This means you can browse the Net for as long as you like. According to T-Mobile, this is the real deal, and there won't be any annoying features, just pure Web action.

The deal, which launches on 1 April -- and no, it's not an April Fool's gag, we checked -- will come as an add-on bundle or with a Relax or Flext Web'n'Walk tariff. The cheapest tariff is £27.50 a month and for that reasonable price, you get 100 inclusive minutes and 25 text messages.

There are some gotchas: the deal won't include massive downloads or streams, so don't buy this if you're planning to download movies on your phone, or use Skype on it, because it won't work. You can view emails, but keep in mind that some attachments may be too big to download. Crave is overjoyed that finally a mobile network figured out that we all want cheap Internet browsing access on the go -- Google on the train, here we come. - AL

Update: T-Mobile now allows VoIP calls on its Web 'n' Walk tariff at an extra charge.