Undocumented iPhone OS 2.0 features and tips

Undocumented iPhone OS 2.0 features and tips

Ben Wilson

iPhone OS 2.0 has a few undocumented, useful features, including:

Screen Snapshots - Zoom and Snapshot

We previously noted a method for taking screenshots under iPhone OS 20. James1292, a user on Apple's discussion boards, subsequently found that the screenshot function can be manipulated using the zoom feature. Simply zoom to the desired depth then trigger a screenshot by pressing the Home and Sleep/Wake buttons simultaneously.

Mobile Safari Speaks Your Lingo

Mobile Safari can speak in many languages. Launch Settings then go to: General, Keyboard > International Keyboards and toggle the desire keyboards. Using the small "globe" icon on the left side of the spacebar, you can rotate through configured languages.

Once you have the keyboard of your choice displayed you can take advantage of a hidden feature in iPhone OS 2.0: simply press and hold the ".com" key. The iPhone will display the most common top level domains for your country. In the US/English: .net, .edu, .org, .com. In Germany: .edu, .org, .de, .com. In Spanish: .edu, .org, .es, .com.

In the mobile Mail.app, the same is true. If you press the "globe" for language selection, you can then press and hold the "." (period) key to select the top level domain associated with you language settings at that time .

This feature is not consistent across all countries and in some cases some countries are not represented at all.

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