Unboxing the Palm Pre

Unboxing the Palm Pre

Ben Kessler
2 min read

Since its debut at the Consumer Electronics show in January, I've been curious to play with the Palm Pre. A few years back I was an avid Palm Treo 650 user, as my first smartphone I was blown away at the ability to be connected at all times, immediately reply to email and browse the web. But as new devices entered the market, the Treo became very stale and troubles at Palm kept innovation at a minimum. For years, whispers of the development of a new Linux-based Palm OS swirled around the web, but many were skeptical, for good reason. When the news broke that Jon Rubenstein, Vice President of the iPod division at Apple was leaving for a position at Palm, I knew something exciting had to be brewing.

I first learned about CNET and Sprint's Palm Pre test drive through Andrew Mager on Twitter. Figuring it would be incredibly awesome to win the phone and three months of service, I entered the contest, answering several questions about my experience with social networks and blogging, clicked submit, and for the most part, forgot about it. Needless to say, I won and here I am! I will spend the next few weeks using the phone as my main device and comparing it to other smartphones I have used in the past. I have been a fulltime iPhone 3G user for the past year or so, and think it will be exciting to compare it with the Pre.

First, let's get things started with an unboxing video.

Also, here are some initial photos I took of the device.

In my next post I will take a more indepth look at the hardware.