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Unboxing: LG Optimus 2X

LG Optimus 2X, the world's first dual-core smartphone, has made its way down under and into the CNET labs. We rip the plastic off one of the country's first retail units.

LG has just taken delivery of the first shipment of Optimus 2X handsets in Australia, and they sent one over to us, fresh and hot out of the oven, for a chance to unbox it.

In case you've forgotten this little beauty, the Optimus 2X is officially the world's first dual-core smartphone (according to the Guinness Book of Records) and runs the Nvdia Tegra 2 chipset. It also uses LG's IPS display technology, which you may have seen before on the Apple iPhone 4.

Anyone interested in picking up an Optimus 2X in Australia should be aware that it isn't available through any of the major Aussie telcos. Instead, you'll need to drop in to a Harvey Norman store after it is released in the next couple of weeks. If you'd prefer to wait to see what we think about it before rushing out to buy one, stay tuned for a full review just as soon as we finish prodding and poking at this unit in our test labs.