Unannounced Samsung 'activity tracker' pops up on FCC site

Could this be the rumored S Circle? A privacy request on Samsung's part limits what the agency can share about the activity tracker.

The device may complement Samsung's Heart Rate Monitor band.
The device may complement Samsung's Heart Rate Monitor band. Sarah Tew/CNET

Samsung is working a new, unannounced product through the regulatory process.

The Federal Communications Commission on Thursday published files submitted recently by Samsung showing details on what the company is calling an "activity tracker." The product number doesn't match up with any fitness devices shown off so far this year by Samsung, making the blogosphere guess that it's actually the rumored, and unannounced, S Circle fitness tracker.

Details are slim on the device, due mainly to Samsung requesting that the FCC keep private most of the product's features, but the files indicate that the product will rely on Bluetooth to communicate with other devices. It's believed that the S Circle will complement Samsung's S Band and Heart Rate Monitor Band as part of the company's broader health efforts.

For its part, Samsung has remained tight-lipped on plans to launch any other fitness trackers. CNET has, however, contacted the company for comment on the report, and we will update this story when we have more information.

(Via Engadget)