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Ubuntu Edge price cut to £445 after 'supplier negotiations'

The crowd-funded phone has dropped its price, with 14 days left to go before it becomes a reality.

Crowd-funded smart phone Ubuntu Edge has dropped its price, in a bid to harvest more backers before its funding period reaches an end.

The mobile, which will only become a reality if it can harvest $32m (£20.5m) in the next 14 days, now costs $695 (roughly £445) -- a price that's down to company Canonical renegotiating with suppliers.

The price will stay that low until the end of the campaign, Canonical vows. Moreover, if you previously pledged more than $695 for the Edge, you'll be offered the difference as a refund if the project succeeds.

The lower price is an unlimited perk, so it won't run out. That means you can take your time in mulling over whether you'd happily throw your cash at the ambitious campaign, or whether it's not for you.

As it stands, the effort to raise money isn't going particularly well. While the Edge got off to a flying start, and has whipped up an astonishing $8.6m (about £5.5m) worth of enthusiasm, it's still a long way off its incredibly lofty goal.

Canonical will be hoping the price cut gets more people investing in the scheme.

If it works, the Edge could go into production in 2014, with 40,000 units being forged at first. The phone will have at least 4GB of RAM and a 4.5-inch 720p screen, and will be powered by the all-new Ubuntu OS, which impressed us when we saw it earlier this year.

Will you buy the mythical Ubuntu Edge mobile at the new lower price? Let me know in the comments, or on our Facebook wall.