Uber wants to help you register to vote and get to the polls

Uber Eats might even deliver you free pizza while you wait in line.

Andrew Gebhart Former senior producer
Uber promo
Angela Lang/CNET

Ride-hailing company Uber on Monday unveiled its latest effort to get people voting. The company has teamed with several US organizations, including the Civic Alliance and National Voter Registration Day, to try and get numbers up at the polls. 

You normally use the Uber app to get a ride or the Uber Eats app to order food. You'll now be able to use either to register to vote or request a mail-in ballot, as a result of Uber's partnership with Turbovote. 

On Election Day, Uber will offer discounted rides to polling places, and Uber Eats will keep you fed while you wait in line, thanks to a partnership with Pizza to the Polls.  

In addition to helping its customers vote, Uber has promised to give employees the day off and is encouraging people to volunteer with Power the Polls, which will help staff polling places. 

"We're working to ensure every eligible American citizen, regardless of what barriers they face, has access to vote," Uber's announcement says.

In August, Uber committed to helping every one of its drivers register to vote as the company hopes to help address the reported 38 to 50 million unregistered, eligible voters.