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Two sweet Samsung Galaxy S6 deals

From the Cheapskate: Get a 32GB S6 Edge Plus for $339.99 or a 64GB S6 for $389.99. Plus two freebies!

Rick Broida Senior Editor
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Rick Broida
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Watch this: Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge+: Dual-curve screen, super sized

I've been an iPhone owner since the dawn of smartphones, but more and more these days I'm thinking about jumping ship. Because, let's face it, you get so much more bang for the buck on the Android side.

That's especially true if you look to last year's flagship models, most notably the Samsung S6 series. Though not perfect, they were widely regarded as some of the best smartphones you could buy -- not just the best Android phones, but the best phones, period.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 is still a killer smartphone, especially when you can get the 64GB model for under $400.

Josh Miller/CNET

And yes, they came with correspondingly high price tags. But cheap things come to those who wait, as evidenced by today's deals.

First up: Qualitycellz (though not so much Qualityspelling) via Ebay has the unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus (32GB) for $339.99 shipped when you apply coupon code CELLPHONES0916 at checkout and use PayPal as your payment method. It's new, not refurbished, and this model retailed for around $770(!) when it debuted a little over a year ago.

The Verizon/GSM-compatible S6 Edge Plus ventures into phablet territory with its 5.7-inch screen, though it actually weighs a bit less than the iPhone 6 Plus and has a slightly smaller build. Magic!

Plus it has that super-cool rounded screen. Is it super practical? Not really. But points for bringing something a little different to the tablet -- er, table.

Because I don't own or operate an Edge Plus, I'm going to turn you over to CNET's review so you can learn all the finer details. Spoiler alert: Except for the lack of a microSD slot and removable battery, it scored through the roof.

The same is more or less true of its smaller sibling, and here's the deal on that: Daily Steals has the Samsung Galaxy S6 (64GB) and a free case for $389.99 shipped when you apply promo code cheapskate10. That's definitely one of the lowest prices I've seen on that configuration. Oh, and this, too, is new, not refurbished. It's available in your choice of black or white.

Like the Edge Plus, the S6 lacks a microSD slot, but I suspect most users will fare pretty well with 64GB of internal storage. (Personally, I'd have a hard time living on 32GB.)

Beyond that, I'll once again refer you to CNET's review -- which starts by calling this "the first great smartphone of 2015." At this price, it's definitely one of the best smartphone deals of 2016.

Which one would you pick, and why?

Bonus deal: Sure, you have Windows 10, but do you really know Windows 10? The shortcuts, the hidden features, the performance tricks? That's what you'll find in the ebook entitled "A Comprehensive Guide to Optimizing Windows 10," which is available free in exchange for some info about your and your business. The guide promises 100 tips and tricks for mastering the OS.

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Bonus deal 2: If you own an iPhone or iPad and don't like having to use iTunes for backups, file transfers and whatnot, Digiarty Software is offering its WinX MediaTrans utility for free. That's for the Windows version; Mac users should head here. The page is a little confusing -- just click the green Get Giveaway Key button on the left.

Normally $29.95, MediaTrans helps you transfer anything and everything between your iDevice and your computer.

Bonus deal 3: You lucky Android users with your wireless charging. Sigh. For a limited time, and while supplies last, Sunvalleytek has the Ravpower Mini Qi Wireless Charging Pad for $7.99, with free shipping for Prime subscribers.

Compatible with virtually all Qi-compatible phones, the pad is perfect for a desk, nightstand or -- thanks to its rubber, non-slip surface -- car dashboard. Hey, Apple: I'm getting pretty tired of plugging in my iPhone, know what I mean?