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Two new apps for DVR addicts

Two new apps for DVR addicts

Well, not really new--more like one new version of an existing app and one "brand extension," as the marketing guys like to call it.

Just released is Beyond TV 3.7 from SnapStream. The newest version of the company's popular DVR software has a ton of tiny bug fixes and enhanced support for new hardware. Current users can get the upgrade here.

Meanwhile, Meedio has been making digital lifestyle management software for some time now (it also has a connection to the classic MyHTPC app), and the company's newest product is Meedio TV. Due out on July 27, it's basically the DVR companion of Meedio's other programs: Essentials, a media library app, and HouseBot, a home automation program.

On another note: With many years of game journalism under my belt, I wholeheartedly second Robert's ribbing of the ESRB over this whole loony Grand Theft Auto ratings controversy. Let's hope Hillary never gets around to playing God of War.