Two Comparisons to the Centro

The Pre fixes one pet peeve but adds another.

Matthew Carruth
2 min read

Palm Centro cursor controls
Palm Centro cursor controls Matthew Carruth\CNET
Another nit pick time. One of the nicer aspects of the Palm Centro were these cursor controls used to move around the screen in addition to the touch screen capability. Particularly, they were very handy for moving around in text messages to clean up typos.

The Pre offers no such functionality that I can find. I am left to continuously tap the area trying to get the cursor into the right place. That is not really the fault of the touch screen sensitivity, human fingers are only so small and the space between letters on screen is much much smaller. But how come there are no left or right buttons? That is a missing feature to me.

I will break up the complaints with a compliment though, again in comparison to the Palm Centro. See that little yellow bell in the upper right hand corner of the screen? That was the symbol that the Palm Centro uses to alert you to any number of missed events, such as a calendar event, a missed call, new voice mail (as pictured), etc.

Palm Centro's notification balloon
Palm Centro's notification balloon Matthew Carruth\CNET
Problem is, hitting that little symbol was a maddeningly difficult task made none easier by it flashing. The last thing I wanted was to have to fish out the Centro's stylus in order to deactivate that blinking bell. The Pre handles new events in a much more simple way, with a notification along the bottom of the screen that is very easy to disengage. Sometimes it really is the small things.