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Twitter says it won't break third-party Twitter apps June 19

Relax, you can still use Talon, Tweetbot, Tweetings and Twitterrific.

Your third-party Twitter apps are safe for now.

In a reversal from a statement made in December 2017, Twitter said it will delay its plan to pull support for Twitter apps like Talon, Tweetbot, Tweetings and Twitterrific. The microblogging service would stop these apps' ability to push notifications and update post timelines starting on June 19, effectively crippling these non-Twitter apps.

"Today's update to last year's announcement is focused on making sure developers have ample time to migrate to the new API," a Twitter spokesperson said.

Twitter didn't mention how long its stay of execution will last, but fans will now have more than two months to get their Twitter affairs in order.

Article originally published: 1:51pm PT
Article updated at 2:35pm PT
: Added Twitter comment.